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Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí (English)

Actualizado: 20 de jun de 2020

This first album by Labán has a little bit of social and political protest, existentialism, heartbreak and depression stories.

Musically, the album has a pop vibe mixed with rock, jazz, funk and R&B. It features a vintage style production and the sounds of electric guitars, synthetic and electric basses, acoustic drums and other instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, synth keyboards and strings.

Corruption, impunity and violence

Dueños de Aquí is a protest song against corruption, impunity and extreme income inequality. It portraits the negative aspects of Mexico’s current political and social environnement. The music video features multiple references to actual events related to the theme of the song. It was mostly recorded in Nashville, Tennessee a few years ago. It was late January, I arrived in the city at night and we had booked some studio time for the next morning, some bad weather was expected. The next day we woke up to the biggest winter storm to hit the city in more than ten years. We had to wait a few hours but we still recorded Dueños de Aquí that day. The heart is the song's organ icon.

The song Condena deals with violence and impunity. Its icon, the thymus, is an organ of the immune system. In a symbolic way, it is related to security, the contrary of what violence and impunity can provoke.

Existential quest

According to existential philosophy, "Existence precedes essence". Quién Da Más and Para Ti (Diálogos de Seguridad Nacional) both deal with the process of defining our essence or giving sense to our existence.

Heartbreak stories

La Verdad Me Va and Acércate, both songs deal with heartbreak, emotional dependency and the end of relationships. Their organ icons are associated with detoxifying functions.


Feel the Distance is a song about migrants and their journey.

Mental health and depression

Hell Is Not My Nightmare is a song about mental health, depression and its different stages. Musically, it features a progressive structure built on pop rock tunes.

It is also an announcement of the second album and its vibes.

Listen to the album here.

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